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Just in case you couldn't tell from my title, this is my goodbye and review of my most favorite book series/fandom, Lorien Legacies. I just finished United as One, and I pretty much cried through the entire climax. So much emotion, experiencing these characters I've spent the last six years with in the final battle against Setrakus Ra. Pittacus Lore really knows how to tear a fangirl apart.

If you haven't read Lorien Legacies, I highly suggest you do. It is the most original, action-packed adventure you will ever go on, with the most amazing characters you can't help but fall in love with. It's a journey, from beginning to end, with various stories all leading up to the final battle. There is never a dull moment in the entire series. 

And now, my goodbye to the Loric.... Cry forever 

From the very first book, I immediately loved John. His story was so epic, I literally couldn't put the book down. I cheered when he stood up to Mark James, I cried when he lost Henri, I adored his friendship with Sam and his love for Sarah, and I was thrilled when Six was introduce at the end. Then Six's Legacy came out, and I nearly lost it, reading her story and knowing what she had been through. When The Power of Six was released, I already knew Marina was going to be my favorite character. She reminded me so much of myself, and honestly, it was her underwater breathing legacy that made her my favorite. And then Ella was introduced, and Marina's friendship with her became my favorite thing. When John and Sam stormed the West Virginia Base and met Nine, and Six met up with Marina, I basically died. All the Loric were finally coming together. After reading Nine's Legacy, he became my favorite. His attitude was hilarious to me, and it broke my heart reading about what he had to do to Sandor. Also, Sandor... HE was a Cepan. I loved that guy. In the Rise of Nine, when they found Eight, I wanted him and Marina together immediately. I'm always going to love the scene when Eight destroyed Stonehenge and Marina had a panic attack. That was best. I pretty much almost died again at the end, when the Loric all came together at Dulce base and fought Setrakus Ra, together since they left Lorien. It was too epic. And then that explosion.... I pretty much screamed when I found out that was Adam's doing. 

OKAY. ADAM. MY GODS. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD FALL SO IN LOVE WITH A MOGADORIAN! I really wasn't expecting him to change sides. I honestly thought it was going to be a bad guy's point of view. But when he was connected to One, and fell in love with her, when she passed her legacy onto him... I already knew this series was destroying me, but that was too much. Those were a lot of emotions to handle. 

The Fall of Five was my favorite. Still is. All the Loric together, inside Nine's penthouse, was the best thing ever to me. Capture the flag was my favorite scene. The one thing I always loved about these characters was their originality. No two characters were alike, and it clearly showed in this book. I didn't like Five at all when they found him, and I was almost glad he turned out to be a traitor, because I didn't want him fighting with the other Loric. AND THEN HE FREAKING KILLED EIGHT AND SUNK MY SHIP AND OHHHHH I'VE NEVER HATED A CHARACTER AS MUCH AS I HATED HIM IN THAT MOMENT!

Honestly. Eight's death was unbelievable. Especially since I didn't know how the Loric could win this war, with all their Cepans dead and four scars on their ankles... But Adam showing up the end kind of made up for that. Because I love Adam. A lot. 

The Revenge of Seven and The Fate of Ten weren't really my favorites, because they were slow. But I never lost interest in the characters, and the introduction of Lexa was super exciting, mostly because her name is similar to mine. XD And to tell you the truth, I'm one of the few people who liked the idea of humans developing Legacies. 

AND THEN. SARAH HART GOES AND DIES.... And this is where the United as One spoilers come in. Bare with me, I have a lot of emotions. 


But the way he fought all those Mogadorians all on his own was kind of awesome. I really love action scenes, so that was great for me. But FREAKING PHIRI DUN RA.... UUUUGHHHHHH I STILL HATE HER! I'm glad Five realized his mistake and came back to the good side, so I don't despise him so much anymore, but PHIRI DUN RA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY MOST HATED FICTION CHARACTER EVER! SHE KILLED MARK JAMES! SHE TORTURED JOHN! I WANTED TO SEE HER SUFFERRRRR! Seriously, she really bought out the worst in me. I was pretty much screaming throughout all those chapters. And Sam didn't abandon John! MY HEART!

Okay. The climax. Setrakus Ra ordering his ships to fire on the cities, and then the cities fighting back... That alone was too epic was me to handle. I had to step away from the book. I almost passed out from excitement, and it wasn't even the final battle yet. 

Then I got to the part of the final battle and they were all there... All the heroes I had grown to love. Just destroying the Anubis itself was beyond epic. Then they stormed the West Virgina Base... And I lost it. My two favorites, Marina and Nine, were in a battle together with John. And Six and Adam... Well, I love Adam a lot. When Phiri ambushed Six and Adam, and it was teased that Six was about to die, I almost couldn't keep reading. Six was one of the many heroes, and to me, she was invincible. She COULDN'T die. AND THEN PITTACUS PULLS THIS PLOT TWIST CRAP AND KILLS OF ADAM INSTEAD! At this point, I really couldn't read anymore. I put the book down and CRIED.

Adam... Broken Heart 

I couldn't stop reading for long, so I continued again after about ten minutes of gross sobbing. It got worse. They couldn't defeat Setrakus. He ripped Nine's arm off. He tortured Marina. John couldn't defeat him. I was beginning to lose hope... Until Marina figured out how to kill him. And John told Sam to blow up the mountain. And he made Marina leave with Nine. And he told Setrakus Ra my most favorite quote... "I AM NUMBER FOUR!" 

And he gave it everything he got. 

Six went back for him... She found his dead body. She ripped Setrakus Ra's head off. She cried over John's body. Again, I had to put the book down because ugly sobbing. Then I turned the page, and read, "John gasped."

I wanted to punch Pittacus Lore in the face. 

The epilogue, though. John reuniting with everyone a year later. And there goes Pittacus again, plotting twisting his way around like the evil demon he was. ADAM WAS ALIVE! Nine was a Garde professor. Adam was turning Mogadorians good. Six and Sam were traveling the world, in love. Malcolm reunited with his wife. Ella went to school. Five was back in his tropical islands. And Marina... When she kissed John. I was happy for them. I wish it could have ended differently, with Marina with Eight and John with Sarah, but I love the idea of John and Marina together, too. They deserve to be happy. 

I love these books more than Percy Jackson, or The Immortals series, or the Lunar Chronicles. That's saying a lot, considering I love those books A LOT, but the stories told by the Loric can never be surpassed. As much as I love Percy and his gang, I love John and his more. I always will. 

So this is my final goodbye to the books that have gotten me through so many difficult situations throughout these past six years. I've laughed, I've cried, I've cheered, I've screamed, but mostly I loved. It was an epic journey from beginning to end. I could never thank Pittacus Lore enough for writing these characters to life. 

So long... Six, Marina, Nine, Ella, Eight, Sarah, Sam, Malcolm, One, Maggie, Hannu, Henri, Adelina, Katarina, Sandor, Five, Mark, BK, Dust, Rex, Walker, Noto, Hector, Crayton, Lexa, Daniela, and lastly, John. 

Thank you for the ride of a lifetime. Suave Gentleman 


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